MHPR Public Relations Consultants

We offer a full range of public relations services aimed at enhancing the image of our corporate clients.

The prime concern of MHPR is to project a positive image of our clients and promote them and the goods and services they offer, using whatever public relations tools are most appropriate for reaching the various publics that need to be addressed.

Press Releases
Making use of our knowledge of the criteria news editors use for selecting material for publication and of the journalistic skills of our staff, we have developed a style of Press release that has proved outstandingly successful.
We edit and publish in-house journals, annual reports and customer publications, including writing material for magazines and brochures, editing articles and pages and overseeing the layout, origination and printing of these publications.
Public Image
The consultancy offers advice on issues likely to have implications for a client’s public image and on the development of a company’s image in the eyes both of the public and its customers.
Event management, speeches, Press kits, Master of Ceremonies, banners, T-shirts, golf shirts, caps and other promotional materials.
The public relations aspects of corporate restructuring and rebranding programmes.
Speech Writing
Writing speeches for all occasions.
Social Media
Creation and management of accounts and pages on all social media networks.