Our Services

We offer a full range of public relations services aimed at enhancing the image of our corporate clients. This includes:

• drafting news releases;
• media liaison;
• drafting advertisement texts and simple advertisement design;
• speech writing;
• drafting articles for newsletters, newspapers and magazines;
• drafting brochure texts;
• drafting and/or editing articles for publications, (whether these be in-house magazines, customer
bulletins, newsletters, direct mail communications, web-sites or any other type of media);
• publication editing;
• annual reports;
• publishing magazines and other publications;
• proofreading & editing of letters, fliers and other stakeholder communications;
• event management;
• media management;
• issues management;
• crisis management;
• arranging photography;
• arranging video recordings;
• drafting video scripts and overseeing video editing;
• advice on public relations implications of company plans, strategies or activities;
• providing feedback on customer perceptions;
• in-house and external communications advice;
• public relations training; and
• provision of banners, T-shirts, golf-shirts, caps and other promotional materials