About MHPR Public Relations Consultants


Years of experience


MHPR Public Relations Consultants is the trading name of Mike Hamilton Public Relations (Pvt) Limited, which was established in June 1998 as a public relations company. Its core business is the promotion of the public image of its corporate clients. This includes maintaining, enhancing and continuing to promote the positive image of those that already have a good public image and turning around the image of those with a poor public image.

  • Building the right image
  • Positively influencing perceptions
  • Consistently communicating effectively

Teamwork is at the core of our operations

Our advantage

Making use of our knowledge of the criteria news editors use for selecting material for publication and of the journalistic skills of our team, we have developed a style of Press release that has proved outstandingly successful. Most of our releases are, as a result, published unedited or with minimal editing, thereby virtually eliminating the likelihood of errors, which all too often creep in when releases are changed or edited.


Our Leadership

Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

Managing Director

His career in journalism began in 1974, when he joined The Herald. In 1976 he went to the United Kingdom and went into social work, where he gained considerable experience in working with people in a variety of settings and providing counselling and advocacy services. He underwent a two-year qualifying course in social work and was employed as a social worker by Kent County Council and later by the London Borough of Lewisham.

He returned to Zimbabwe in 1982 and resumed his career in journalism at Ziana, which at the time had the reputation of being one of the best news agencies in Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Africa and the United Kingdom Certificate of Qualification in Social Work. He is a past President of the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Relations (ZIPR) and a member of the ZIPR Advisory Board.

He is well travelled, having visited a number of countries in Africa and Europe, mainly on business but also on holiday, as well as spending a month touring the United States on an International Visitor programme. In 2004 he travelled as part of the Homelink team to the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa to promote the Homelink concept among Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

He has both management experience and experience of heading a workers’ committee and trade union branch. He has successfully managed industrial action from both employer and employee perspectives and successfully promoted harmonious worker/employee relations. This, together with his advocacy experience as a social worker, has complemented his journalistic experience and contributed to his considerable communication skills and all-round public relations expertise.

Chris Chinamhora

Chris Chinamhora

Public Relations Executive

Chris Chinamhora joined the consultancy in 2004 as a Public Relations Officer. He has responsibility for various clients and supervises students on attachment.

He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the public relations industry over the years. This has seen him being promoted to Public Relations Executive and now a Director of the consultancy.

Chris has skills and experience in all aspects of public relations, including the drafting of news releases and magazine articles. He has particular expertise in magazine and advertisement design, information communication technology and social media management.

He has overseen the full production of corporate videos, radio programmes and television commercials, some of which have been aired on Multichoice DSTV Channels.

Chris has also attended and helped organise various corporate events and conferences for a diverse range of organisations all across the country.