Media Management

The communications media are vital for the image of any organisation. They can enhance or ruin an organisation’s image. They need, therefore, to be handled with care.

Properly managed the media can be a powerful aid in projecting and maintaining a positive image. MHPR helps its clients utilise the media to their best advantage, chiefly through the issuing of professionally crafted news releases about them and the services they offer.

MHPR advises its clients on how best to respond to media enquiries, particularly where there is the potential for negative publicity. It also handles the media on behalf of clients. It drafts carefully worded responses to media enquiries in consultation with the client. It invites the media to client events, provides a media pack at such events where appropriate and drafts a news release or information sheet for media attending such events.

Where a client agrees to a media request for an interview on a particular topic it drafts a news release on that topic that can be given to the reporter at the interview and encourages the client to ensure that answers to interview questions are in line with what is in the news release.

Where a client wishes to hold a Press Conference, MHPR not only drafts a news release for distribution but compiles a list of possible questions that might be asked by reporters at the conference with answers to them to prepare the person giving the Press Conference to be ready for such questions, particularly potentially awkward questions.

Where an interview is arranged on a radio or television programme, MHPR provides the interviewer with possible questions, which are shared with the person being interviewed. The consultancy also arranges radio programmes, where this is required.